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Justin's getting evicted?

Justin Kan, the star who's broadcasting his life live on, has received an eviction notice to vacate his Crystal Towers apartment in North Beach, San Francisco from Trinity Management.  Why?  This might be why.  But the real problem is that people are getting their apartment applications turned down simply because they KNOW Justin!  We're not lawyers, but this seems to be highly illegal and against San Francisco rental laws.

We Can't Get an Apartment because We Know Justin?

There are three different sets of people who have tried to move into the Crystal Towers building, only to have their application denied for no apparent reason.

Harj from auctomatic
says, "We've had nothing but false promises and pathetic excuses from Trinity Management.  I'm still waiting to be given written clarification on why we were rejected.  The organization is shambolic and I'm determined to stand up for our rights".

Who is Trinity Management?

Angelo and Yvonne Sangiacomo are the owners of Justin's building and approximately 50 other apartment buildings around San Francisco. 

Here's some info we found about the owners online:

"For two years, tenants abandoned Trinity Plaza as a home and it cost the family an estimated $3-million in lost rent because Angelo Sangiacomo believed he could defeat a bunch of low-income tenants, senior citizens, people of color, and with every tenant who moved it meant fewer tenants opposing him." [link]

"Warlord of city apartment owners, a man whose very existence engenders fear, loathing, and, judging by a quick review of the civil court docket, lawsuits." (SF Chronicle 7/15/98) Sangiacomo has been active in SF real estate for four decades. In the 1970s he responded to the debate over rent control by raising tenants' rents by 100%. In 1995 he was ordered by courts to return $2,68 million in illegal tenant sign-up fees to 4,500 renters." [link]

"Angelo Sangiacamo is known as "the father of rent control." That’s because in the 70s he was jacking the rents up on his tenants so severely and frequently that they began to organize and this resulted in the passage of 1979’s rent control laws." [link]

Comment on the Absurdity:
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"Justin- buy a condo. no one can kick u out then."
       - Linda

"This is crazy. Save justin from getting evicted."
       - Rachel

"Dude, how the hell can they do such a thing? Outside of the eviction, why would anyone want to live in anything these jerks own? However, sorry to hear about the eviction...absolutely absurd...and hope a suit ensues!"
       - Russ

"This is Pure and utter BS on part of Trinity, SUE THEIR ASS JUSTIN!"
       - Lucas

"Money talks and most of the time gets there ways approved"
       - Andy

"It's your fellow tenants that want you out not Trinity.
Most of the people in Crystal Tower work more conventional hours. Grow up boyz!"
       - Someone smarter than you

"I think its Bull Shit!!!"
       - Jamie

"good luck with this fight justin et al. You may have been bringing annoying publicity to his building with your lifecasting, but if he thought that was bad, what you're doing now is inspiring. shine that light on the shady people of the world brotha. mayhap something good will come of it all."
       - Baratunde

"save yscraper and justin! fight the system. Harj needs a home!"
       - Sharpshoot

"Justin being homeless and looking for a place to live, would be alot more interesting than what he's shown us so far..."
       - Unknownclone

"Ouch. Sounds like it'd be best to just get out of there and avoid this place rather than fight to stay there and endure more landlord troubles."
       - Jey

"What a bunch of bull! I'd definatly demand a written reason as to why they are evicting you. And I would take their asses to court for discrimination if I were the ppl applying and getting rejected. Bastards."
       - BigJohn

"Wow. That's ridiculous. Get a lawyer. Sue them for all they have. lol."
       - Ashley

"Time to lawyer up boys!"
       - Eric

       - Matt

"I rented a farmhouse surrounded by vineyards in Sonoma, Ca. from Angelo for almost 10 years in the 80's. He never once raised my rent and was the perfect landlord.  Perhaps Justin isn't a good tenant. His apartment was a mess from what I could see, even an interviewer asked to leave his room because of the smell!"
       - Lisa

"WHAT?! ok. time to move to the islands team."
       - Christa

"Wouldn't it make sense for the others trying to get in just to say that they don't know him if they're asked? Great music for the site btw."
       - Tom

"Filming on Private property?
In my opinion that's a pretty stupid reason to evict some body. Even if it is against San Fransisco law, thats still a little harsh for such a stupid thing. Plus 10:1 Justin didn't even know it was private property. Cut him some slack, think if you were being evicted because you accidently did something wrong. It's like a cop coming and throwing you in Jail because he doesn't like. All I'm saying is, don't be so harsh on him, and let him off with a warning."
       - Daniel

"That's ridiculous!! First of all, I'm pretty sure they have to give you a valid reason when they evict you. Second of all, people can't be denied an apartment because of the people they know. That's illegal."
       - Kristen

"don't they understand the fabulous brand that's being built *for them*? i bet they could have raised the rent 20% instead of evicting, and nobody would have complained."
       - Hmm

"Its sad that in this day and age a young man can be uprooted forcibly for pursuing a dream. Discrimination is alive and well. I think Justin and his acquaintainces that were reject because they know Justin, should all file suit against Trinity and all parties related to or acting on behalf of Trinity. I'm sure at least I hope some high powered attorney will take the case pro bono in consideration of the publicity he or she would receive in return. Keep following your dreams!! Fight the power!!"
       - Al

"I think this is absurd. Petition. Sue. Anything. =|"
       - Dim

"Not cool! I'll cover this on my little show. Scum bags make for good news stories!"
       - Mike

"This is the most retarded shit i have heard in a long time. They should at least give a reason for the eviction."
       - Elias

"It's no surprise that the owner is considered a slumlord--Justin's apartment looks like a goddam slum. By comparison, Branford was the Ritz Carlton."
       - Eli

"Justin needs to go to the Tenans union on Capp St for advice. There has to be a goo reason for eviction..Maybe Justin will sue for wrongful eviction."
       - Tomas

"thats pretty rong...but u guys could get that nice mansion im hope"
       - Danny

"This guy seems like a real jerk justin should press charges or something."
       - Aaron

"If these people are jerks, find a  better place to rent and all move there en masse... I'm sure lots of places would like to have their vacancy rate go to zero."
       - Dude

"If you can afford all the tech toys, plus rent in SF, you can afford a lawyer. I bet one would do this pro bono due to all the free publicity. My guess is - you don't have a case."
       - Zenparadox

"do the other tenants want justin's alleged "associates" out too?  have you formally asked the management to illegally discriminate against everyone who has ever met justin?  do you really tell people to grow up right before typing "boyz"?"
       - Someone dumber than you

"I don't know about California,but someone told me that landlords has to give you a reason to evict you. it's absurb that they're getting away with evicting you for no reason,but why would you want to stay there if they're that terrible.God Bless you on wherever you go,Justin."
       - Pauline

"I think this is the perfect opportunity for you guys to put a down payment on a house.  Why would you want to rent?  Go buy a small house and you can do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home!"
       - Maria

"This is insane - doesn't Trinity Management know that this could be the best publicity that they will ever get? EVER?"
       - Anonmity

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